The company is the successor of ET “Eva Commerce” established in 1995 with a seat in Sofia. The company is 100% privately owned by a single owner. The managing director and sole owner of the company is Eng. Master of International Economic Relations Evgeniya Panayotova.

1st Floor: cutting out shop with new modern equipment with possibilities for cutting out from 1000 up to 1500 pieces per day.

2nd Floor: a line for production of special and protective clothes – jackets, trousers, semi-overalls, skirts etc.

3th Floor: a line for production of shirts and blouses.

4th Floor: Department for design and multiplication of patterns and drawings- a German Assist CAD CAM system.

We offer high quality embroidery digitizing. Before any design can be embroidered, it needs to be converted into a special format that is accepted and readable by computerized embroidery machines. This digitized file basically tells our embroidery machines where to place the stitch, how many stitches, and which colours to use while stitching the logo. Quality you can count on. .